Veszprém Wall

Nobody can deny that today there is a clear planetary antagonism between economy & ecology. In this light, I find it somewhat ironic that the nominal symbol of capitalism -- the capital -- is an architectural feature which is adorned with decorative plants. The manner in which the Acanthus leaves foliate below the vegetative scrolls always reminded me of little plant aliens, these little sentient creatures which have been lying dormant in the ancient architectural details for centuries.

A few thousand years ago the Neoplatonists practiced a form of sympathetic magic that involved calling down spirits from the heavens and animating statues. The statues were traditionally human forms, which is to say that an inhuman spirit was called forth and assumed a human form via the statue. I suppose then, that this mural is a kind of revivified Neoplatonic experiment  in which the magic is performed on a computer and what is animated is not the human forms at the center of the drama but the plant forms which were always there in the peripheral details. Where does the Architecture go?

This mural was part of the "12 Walls" Exhibition organized by Paradigma Ariadne.