The Lit Hut

Essays about Architecture are printed on paper.
The Primitive Hut is made out of trees.
Paper is also made out of trees.
Paper is similar to a computer screen.
The printing press and the internet are similar and different.

A square is a low resolution circle.
Primary forms are beautiful.
Gravity goes towards the center of the Earth.
Time generally moves forward.
There is a lot of concrete in cities.
Cities are similar to forests.
Manhattan was a forest before it was a city.
There's a lot of new technology nowadays.
Electronics are made out of metal.

Humans and Nature and technology are similar and different.
Humans use language to communicate ideas to each other.
Humans use technology as an interface for communication.
Human language is a metalinguistic system generated out of the formal incompleteness of Nature.
Nature ultimately resolves into a self-reflexive, syntactical metaystem.

Zero comes before One.
Light is a particle and wave.
Light is perceived when photons travel into our eyes.
We tend to shift to visual metaphors when describing clarity of meaning.

Augmented reality projects objects made out of light into our field of vision.

[Insert an indefinite amount of non sequitur aphorisms here.]

Behold, The Lit Hut!

The Lit Hut is a pun primarily referring to Literature and the inherent status of narrative language as a symbolic medium which defines our most fundamental ontological horizon.