Quote House

People tend to forget that "meta" refers to a concept that grounds another concept. Linguistically, it is unclear whether this means that the meta concept is above the non-meta concept, therefore creating a relative space below for the category of ground to emerge, or the meta concept is below the non-meta concept in that it provides the ground itself. Regarding the image below, (Note: the image was below this text while I was writing it, but when I finished it I moved the image back to the top. This makes sense in terms of web design because the text of the project grounds the image as a theoretical project. The image also commands more attention than a mundane block of sans serif text such as this) either the quotes around the building could be grounding the image of the building as an image, or the horizontal line below the house which represents the ground is grounding the house. In simpler terms: does the ground do the grounding or does the meta- do the grounding? Either way, the house is floating slightly above the ground like an air hockey puck.