I started rendering a reinforced concrete structure and then i decided that it would look better if it was plants instead of concrete but the plants were very high resolution 3d files and my computer couldnt render them properly so my computer froze because i didnt have enough RAM or something and then i started thinking about the infinite complexity of Nature and how difficult it would actually be to render an entire animated scene with cellular accuracy: photosynthesis, chloroplasts, xyla and phloa, various mycelia and bacteria networks exchanging information in perfect harmony, im talking the whole nine yards here, little bugs crawling all over the place, microorganisms and their organelles including the golgi appartus and the smooth endoplasmic reticulum, right down to the DNA, those tiny scrolls that have the plans for the whole thing right inside of them, like who thought of all this stuff and what kind of computer did THEY have? and here I am, some perturbed human trying to make some representation of all this beauty. And then there’s mineral history which predates biological history, although many stones such as marble are made of ancient plant based materials that take millions of years to form so the parthenon is really just a big pile of petrified wood. I mean, plants have been around for a while and they probably know a lot more than we do.